Some of you have asked what happened to the free hosting giveaway? or I saw your announcement but I was too late to act on the promotion before it ended?

In 2011 and early 2012  we celebrated our 10 year Anniversary, many of you did not have a chance to take advantage of the Free hosting give away for what ever reason, and so we have extended our FREE Hosting Give Away!  EXTENDED INTO 2019+

Here are the rules:

 Refer a new client to us and receive 3 months free hosting up to $50.00 or free credits towards your hosting fees.
1. New client must remain beyond 30 consecutive calendar days. 

Question: What if I am a member of your affiliate program?
Answer: If the potential client uses your affiliate link you get paid double, it's that simple.

But hey what if I have no one to refer to you?  We got you covered.
Just Post a  short paragraph of what you like about us at you favorite tech, web hosting Form, blog hang out, and let us know  and we will credit you.
If you are a stick in the mud  with social setting on the net we are listed here.

Or here

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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