May 3, 2014

We have done it again we have upgraded our network in our West Coast Data center (Las Vegas). All network feeds are Now 1G.

For Dedicated Server Clients you now have the Option of 100Mbs Metered, 100Mbs unmetered, and 1Gbs Metered.  Per Usual 100M & 1G dedicated line are still available as always.

For Xen VPS clients you now have the option of 10Mbs unmetered, 100Mbs metered, 100Mbs unmetered, and 1Gbs metered.  

Shared Hosting clients will remain on 100Mbs   burstable to 1G.

June/August time frame

We will be looking to upgrade our Midwest Data center to 1G.


May 10, 2014

We have gone IPV6 dual stack IPV6 IPV4 ipv6 dual stack IPV6 IPV4 IPV6

Saturday, May 3, 2014

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