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June 15, The Long Awaited cpanel 11.50 Release made to the release tier in June.

Most of our managed Dedicated clients are running on it (you will notice the new color theme). Although cPanel Inc hyped it up more than their usual major version upgrades it seems to be business as usual.

  • Notable Features
  • New Grey listing to combat SPAM  ( not enabled by default)
  • Support 4 Red Hat 7 & Centos 7
  1. Although cPanel still maintains that it still is testing it in the release tier now and we have provided new cPanel OS Templates for XEN & KVM Virtualization.

May 2015, we have added a New Feature for our SSL product line.

  • Autoinstall SSL
  • As Long as you purchase a SSL through us you can install a SSL with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Located as an extra cpanel ICON in the security tab.  
  • AutoInstall SSL™ is a revolutionary new plugin that allows you to install your SSL certificate(s) with just a few clicks of the mouse. This plugin automatically generates your CSR, validates your domain, installs your certificate, and verifies that the installation is complete.
  • Currently, AutoInstall SSL™ is available only with cPanel and Plesk. A Linux and Windows Desktop version for AutoInstall SSL™ are also in the pipeline. AutoInstall SSL™ has also been developed to work seamlessly with WHMCS, but you can still use AutoInstall SSL™ without having to purchase through WHMCS.
  • This plugin is Free to use for you and your clients. However for dedicated & VPS server owners you will need to open a ticket and have us install it for you.


July 2015, IPV4 Depletion

Although not really anything that will affect your current services still notable just the same. IPV4 Address Space is effectively depleted. The ARIN region (North America) has very few IP blocks remaining; the other regions with the exception of AfriNIC are also approaching 0% remaining. Since the beginning of last year we have tightened our control over our own IPv4 space we have made some Minor changes to our justification process.

  • With the End of life of windows XP and older Android systems the requirement for a dedicated IP to run SSL is no longer required SNI Technology will run SSL just fine. All major browsers support SNI. SNI requires that you are running Red Hat, Centos, and Scientific Linux 6 or greater on your server, Debian 6 or greater, etc.
  • We have Made it mandatory to fill out an IP justification Form for the equivalent of a /29 block (5 IP addresses).
  • IPV6 We have been running IPv6 address space since 2008 currently IPV6 Space is FREE of charge.
  • IPV6  current adoption rate is only 6.4% as of today and we do not think wide spread adoption even with IP4 depleted will happen for at least another 10 years as most ISP’s  still do not support IPV6. Our sites have been running Dual stack IPV6/IPV4 since 2011   http://ipv6.empire-hosting.net/


July 4, 2015 for our US client’s happy Independence Day.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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