Cpanel Price change Update

cPanel External  VPS & Dedicated  Licenses : Hosted in an External Data Center 
Note: We have got now got  clarification on our external perpetual Licenses
from our cPanel account manager. Effective 27 June, all our all of our external Licenses have been removed.  We can still see the active licenses in our in our partner panel but we can no longer renew them.

Cpanel Inc will be expiring them over the coming months. It imperative that if you wish to keep using a cPanel external license  that you Purchase  an external license from the cpanel store or a cpanel Distributor (non Data Center) .

We have suspended all billing on all Cpanel external licenses. You may use the license without issue until cpanel expires them (we are not going to do them any favors by expiring them).

Note: Again Please Do not get out the pitchforks with us This is all cPanel Inc’s new corporate overlords, “Oakley Capital’s” doing & we have no choice in the mater. 


If you wish to convert to an internal cpanel license we will migrate your server for FREE. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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