DirectAdmin License changes: (No they are not raising their pricing) 

This notice affects all Empire Hosting customers with active DirectAdmin licenses.
Quote From DirectAdmin beginning July 1, 2019.

“As a result of the demand created by the cPanel pricing fiasco, we've been forced to drop our loss-leader "Data Center Perpetual Licenses” earlier than planned”.

All current DirectAdmin License holders your Licenses cost will remain the same. Quote from DirectAdmin “A promise is a promise”. Now that is the correct way to handle changes & inform their customers. 

Recommended Action: 
No action is necessary on your part. Your licenses have been moved in our client area and are now listed as Legacy DirectAdmin License/Legacy Internal.

You may keep your existing License as long as you like at the old pricing. However if you cancel your existing license it will it will be gone forever. For all new orders Internal pricing has been updated on our web page @


This is for Clients who own or use DirectAdmin retail license’s  it does not apply to most of you but we know at least one of  our customers it does apply to so we thought we would pass the information along. 


$299 lifetime license as of July 1, 2019 will no longer be available in its current form. If you have a current license it will remain exactly the same. Monthly licenses are unaffected. 


Quote from DirectAdmin:


 “To prevent unauthorized reselling and a lifetime license "black market" we are going to be a little less helpful about a couple things we've been overly accommodating about in the past. We are no longer pushing/moving licenses between accounts, especially after several of our customers have been scammed by people selling licenses from hacked accounts. License portability/reselling is never something we offered as a feature so we need to crack down on this a little better.”


Not quite sure if this means you can’t sell your retail Lifetime like you have been able to in the past or if they are they are just going to make it harder to do so. Since it is unclear to us asking DirectAdmin Sales directly you may get a clearer answer

Friday, July 12, 2019

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