cPanel License changes: Update

This notice affects all Empire Hosting customers with active cPanel licenses.
Date of Price change of September 1, 2019.

We have Just Been recently informed by cPanel Inc. That the date of the proposed price change is if you as a partner are using WHMCS as a billing platform the new pricing will be 30 days after until they can build a new Pricing module. We will not bill you as a customer until cPanel bills us. As it was before it was going to be a nightmare for us to keep track of who was using what and bill clients accordingly.

Not quite sure what happens to Partners who do not use WHMCS. I guess they are SOL. Just to reiterate the price change will be no earlier than September 1.   

cPanel Inc has been terrible with this new rollout  they have quoted 3 different  prices & three different effective dates now and have gone pretty much radio silent with clarification expect with basic info.

DirectAdmin Migration: 
If you are one of the many clients who intend on dumping cPanel for DirectAdmin Please Schedule accordingly as we are going to be Swamped over the next 3 months & beyond.

Our DirectAdmin Page has been updated:  Added Dedicated Server internal pricing & separated the Licensing into the three types of licenses we offer




We have not had very much interest in Interworx control panel as a substitute for cpanel if it interests you please let us know and we will make an inquiry so we can get low cost partner pricing.


Sexta-feira, Julho 12, 2019

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